BLOGSTAR:  Church That Moves


Ron Geyer is an architect in Greenville, SC who helps churches – new and old – make smart decisions about all of the buildings and spaces they inhabit and use in ministry.


He offers up a twist on faith, that takes you inside the walls of churches - revealing what makes them tick. From security, to design, and trends.  Church That Moves is this week’s BLOGSTAR.

His latest blog delves into church security.

His titles of past blogs draw in the curious visitor: Bigger Crowds Don’t Mean Bigger Churches or New Buildings in Traditional Settings.

I also enjoyed reading his description of how they design: 
“You can’t build sacred space. You can make a place to sing, to worship, to remember, and to grow, but for the most part, God’s been out of the brick and mortar business since He tore the Temple veil. Yet we build.  On most days, we build from habit, not really asking or knowing why. On our best days, we make places that help us honor the Most High God, be a body, articulate big ideas, and serve effectively.”

So check out the Church That Moves blog.

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