BLOGSTAR:  Mrs. Furious


Maybe it’s because I’m heading off on vacation and her latest vacation rants, hit home.  Maybe it’s because I struggle with weight loss and can identify, with the measurements and temptations. 

Mrs. Furious writes:  “You think vacation is going to be great and then in like 3 days you’re bored with it. Kid said as I snuggled her in bed last night.”

We’ve all been there haven’t we?

I think we’re going to have fun learning about the people who blog in our community. There are alot of interesting writers to follow. Something for everyone.  Mrs. Furious uses pictures, video and transparent, open, honest writing to pull you in.

She bills it:  “Mrs. Furious ... Recipes, Rants, and Reviews - One woman’s journey through marriage, motherhood, and weight loss”

Check her out! 


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