Blogstar:  Punk with a Palate


The language can be spicy. 

The topics, can satisfy your stomach and your curiosity.

Another must stop - on the blog tour - as we celebrate another local BLOGSTAR.

Punk with a Palate, is written by Lisa Marie Coleman and offers unique musings from a self proclaimed temporary vegetarian (she’s trying it for a month), who deep down craves “big hunks of meat.”

There are recipes like Bruschetta Grilled Cheese - and the stories behind them.

There are slices of life, like the accidental trip to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.  (language warning :))

So fire up the oven and your laptop and enjoy checking out Punk with a Palate this weekend.

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And read more about why the Punk with a Palate was started by Lisa Marie Coleman.  She’s from Easley but lives in Spartanburg now and says she really loves Greenville.

She writes that her boyfriend encouraged her to start blogging:

“I just loved taking pictures at events that I cooked at and cross that with my love for writing, he thought that I would really enjoy having a blog. I already had some that I followed myself, so it seemed logical!

I was on hiatus for a while, when I came back I had a few really nice comments from a few of the guys and Spartanburg Spark, and after the encouraging words, I started posting more.

It’s more for me than anything else. Almost like a living diary with pictures. I can go back and re-live our trips, I don’t have to strain my brain to remember a recipe, it’s there… mistakes included.

I think everyone should have a blog and feature what they love in life. It’s so rewarding to get positive comments and your feel like you really connect with people.”

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